to the fairy fountain network, or fairy-fountain.net, a humble outpost of Mousey! Here you can find my personal web projects, as well as those of the hostees of this domain. Looking for hosting? Visit the HOSTING section of on the main navigation and fill out the application!
This site best viewed using Google Chrome, optimized for 1440x900+ screen resolution. The main image is an original illustration by Yoshitaka Amano, from his Maten artbook, scanned and posted on Minitokyo. The large floral brushes used in the layout are by DeviantArt user Sieareal, and all fonts are from FontSquirrel. It's simply known as version "Amano's Fairy" because this domain is nightmarishly old and I lost track of layout numbers almost ten years ago, ack! (Actually, ten is my best guess at its proper order...)

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